A short guide to Plovdiv and why you should come visit

One of the best things about living in Plovdiv is that no matter how long you’ve been living here, you can always feel like a tourist! My love for Plovdiv is eternal and this article here is an attempt to express at least a tiny bit of it.

The City of the Seven Hills (a.k.a Plovdiv) is the 5th ancient city in the world and the oldest living city in Europe. With a history of more than 7000 years, this magical city combines unique landscapes, diverse cultures and has hosted many historical events. There are many things that can be said about this gorgeous city, which also happens to be my hometown. Here is some information which you might find useful if you are planning a trip to Plovdiv.

Sunset at the rowing channel. Courtesy of @loveplovdiv


Life in Bulgaria, in general, is quite cheap compared to most European countries. So the good thing about living here and working online is that you can pretty much afford everything. The average salary is about 400 euros per month, coffee is 1 euro, beer is 1.5 euro and a meal at a decent restaurant is around 10 euros. You can rent a comfortable and fully furnished apartment for around 300 euros monthly. You would think that for such a cheap price the quality of services is poor. However, it’s quite on the contrary. There are a variety of restaurants which can suit even the most fastidious taste.


Broadband connection in Bulgaria is ranked among the fastest in the world with an average download speed of 33.5 Mbps and average upload speed of 22.8 Mbps. You will find good Wi-Fi connection in most public areas and coffee shops in Plovdiv.

Apart from the online connection, getting from point A to point B in the city by feet is also quite easy. However, if you ever need to use public transportation, the ticket costs 0,50 euro cents and taxis are also reasonably cheap (around 7-8 euro from one to the other end of the city). You can also get to know the city by bike – there are a total of 37 km of bike lanes.

In general, the city is very walkable. The Main pedestrian street is around 2 kilometers long and it is divided into two parts with the Roman stadium and the Central Mosque in the middle. Scrolling through Loveplovdiv‘s feed is the best way to get an idea of the city vibe.


The entrepreneurial community in Plovdiv is united and most of the people who are involved with organizing events or doing some interesting projects, know each other. There are a few main hubs where you can find nomads, IT specialists, designers, and entrepreneurs – BizLabs and Limacon are the most active ones.  People are very friendly and can always offer you a helping hand. So if you have our own venture, you can easily find adherents here.

Culture & Life

The population in the second biggest city in Bulgaria is very diverse. You can find representatives of different ethnic groups and religious beliefs living together within a short distance – Jews, Armenians, Turkish, Greek and Gypsies. Even more interesting is the fact that just within a 100 meters, in the center of the city, there are a Mosque, an Orthodox church, and a Synagogue. There is basically history on every corner and most of the sightseeing sites are just in front your eyes, free of charge or at an affordable price.

Kapana Creative District (see pictures below) is also a must visit place. Just a few years ago the cobblestone streets weren’t a pedestrian area, but luckily now it is a great place to spend your afternoon. There you will find small shops with handmade gifts & crafts from Bulgarian designers, colorful graffiti, cute cafes & tasty restaurants.

 Pictures courtesy of @loveplovdiv

In 2019 Plovdiv will be the European Capital of Culture. Preparations have already started and there with promising new projects which have been planned throughout the year. So whether you are looking for a pit stop on your way to another destination, or you want to spend more time in Plovdiv, it’s difficult not to fall in love with this vibrant city!

Here are my top suggestions on what to do in Plovdiv

  1. Climb all of the hills in Plovdiv. Make sure to be there during the sunset <3
  2. Have a proper Bulgarian meal.
  3. Go shopping at the local food market.
  4. Visit Electric Orpheus Festival, 23rd of June, 2018
  5. Go to the rowing channel for a morning walk.
  6. Bike through all the biking lanes in Plovdiv.
  7. Get lost in the Old Town.
  8. Listen to the song of the Singing Fountains (only during the summer season).
  9. Go to a wine tour – especially recommend Villa Yustina.
  10. Go on a hike in the Rhodope mountains (20 min ride from the city).
  11. Watch an opera show at The Roman Amphitheatre (only during the summer season).
  12. Go to a salsa party – the community is quite big.
  13. Listen to a live gig – some of the clubs which regularly host concerts are Bee Bop & VOID.
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